Resource Library

Disease Education Resources

PsychU is a free, award-winning community and online
resource library for mental health. To learn more, click here.
NephU is growing community where nephrology health
care professionals engage, collaborate, and utilize resources
to help improve future outcomes for those with kidney
disease and other related conditions. To learn more, click here.

Additional Resources

Clinical Trial Enrollment
For information on clinical trials and enrollment in these
trials, click here.
Our Pipeline
For information on investigational compounds currently in
various stages of development, click here.
Patient Support Programs
For information on ways we can help caregivers and
patients who have been prescribed Otsuka medicines, click here.
Grants and Contributions
For information on Otsuka US program for funding of
unsolicited and independent grant requests and charitable
contributions, click here.
PhactMI is a collaboration of pharmaceutical manufacturers
whose goal is to bring medical information transparency to
the health care community. To learn more,click here .