HCP Resources

PsychU is a community for mental health professionals dedicated to improving care through information, discussion, and collaboration. At PsychU, you may access resources on the latest mental health care developments, treatment best practice guidelines, and more. Learn More.
NephU is a growing community where nephrology health care professionals engage, collaborate, and utilize resources to help improve future outcomes for those with kidney disease and other related conditions. At NephU, you may access resources related to kidney diseases, nutrition, diagnostic tools and more. Learn More.
PhactMI is a collaboration of pharmaceutical company Medical Information departments that are dedicated to supporting healthcare professionals in their commitment to provide quality patient care Learn More .

Additional Resources

Our Pipeline
View the Otsuka US investigational programs for products in development. Learn More.
Care & Financial Support
Looking for resources and tools for patients, their caregivers and their prescribing team, including insurance and prior authorization support, affordability, and finding a place to receive treatment? Learn More.
Clinical Trial Enrollment
Are you interested in participating in a clinical trial or learning more about clinical trials? Learn More.
Grants and Contributions
Interested in general information on Otsuka’s areas of interest for independent medical education grants and charitable contributions? Learn More.
Research Support Opportunities
Interested in initiating an investigator-sponsored study to explore novel research ideas and improve the lives of patients that align with Otsuka’s defined areas of interest? Learn More .